EJ looking a little less bald than those puppies next door, but don’t be fooledFORMULA ONE presents a carefully crafted and well polished image to the world at large. Not surprisingly, given the passions the sport elicits, and the power & money that are the sport’s very lifeblood, the reality within the paddock is often very different. It may be that many observers of the sport in recent years laboured under the impression that one colourful F1 figure, Eddie Jordan, was blessed with supercharged hair follicles, but the reality, like many other things in F1 is decidedly different, and in fact, our EJ avoided swimming pools and nipping outside on windy days unless he had rubbed his bare plate with super-glue before applying his hairpiece. This tiny little insight is the inspiration for EJ’s Toupee, intended to bring its readers an unedited view of life behind the paddock turnstiles. This is not an anarchist’s charter or a deliberate bid to spill Formula One’s beans, but simply an honest and necessary counterbalance to the carefully gate kept communication that is the solitary diet for those interested in this captivating sport. This blog is written by a genuine and current Formula One insider, whose identity is, necessarily, not revealed.


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