One Swallow does not a Summer Make?

FW30 Debut

OK, so maybe the judgment of the aesthetics of the new BMW might have been a little harsh, but as the new race cars make their respective debuts in Southern Spain, some early tremors in the form guide seem to be rippling across the paddock. The media are busy reflecting that the BMW isn’t as quick as it should be, but in the same breath are aware that the Bavarian tactician-meister, Docktor Mario Theissen, is quite likely to be running the new BMW with a 60 kilo plus fuel load. No-one is accusing BMW of sand-bagging, but it is more than possible that BMW are able to restrain themselves and simply haven’t let rip with the new car yet. Meantime, another team not shinning in Spain are Red Bull, especially as much has been expected of Adrian Newey’s first clean sheet design for the Milton Keynes outfit. But again, be careful of snap conclusions as Newey designs typically never flatter on their early runs. Honda also seem to be suffering, Button apparently stepping out of the new car and declaring to his engineers that “You’ve made it worse!” – Ouch! Conversely, one of the leaders in the winter world championship this week are, most certainly, Williams. Their new car hit the track on Tuesday after a brief shakedown the day before. Rosberg put 80 or so laps on the new car, so showing some day 1 reliability which is often elusive, and some hot times during long runs, rather than the more cynical low fuel flying lap which is more of a Honda stunt. However, if the BMW isn’t pretty, nor is the Williams – although the FW30 isn’t stigmatized by an ugly ‘hunch’ in its back, all the new cars look uncomfortable with their new regulation side impact structures, dubbed as ‘sails’. The winter world championship is most definitely under way and looks as if it might throw up a few surprises


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