Looks aren’t everything

bmw-bw.jpg THREE SEASONS AGO, there was a good deal of sniggering behind hands when the very first BMW F1 bratwurst appeared out of the new Sauber sausage machine. I mean, it was so pig ugly, there was no way the Bavarians weren’t gonna have a competitive & public relations disaster on their hands, having just walked away from a blue chip partnership with Williams and then served up this nonsense at their pre-season launch in Valencia. The general aero maxim, not terribly scientific, but usually usefully true is that if it looks like a pig, it races like one too.

Of course two seasons later and the sniggering has long since stopped, because BMW has quietly achieved what no other vehicle manufacturer-led team or indeed any new Formula One entrant has done in recent memory – progressively added performance to reliability, collected points and started to nip at the heals of Ferrari and McLaren.

No doubt the Teutonic focus will get BMW the whole way there. But when BMW win a Championship, it should be mandatory the following year that as a winner’s handicap, they are obliged to build a pretty car before they take to the track. This year’s F1-08 sticks to the pig theme, it’s as ugly as Britney with her head shaved, but you decide


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